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DEIB Playbook Strategy

DEI Agency Playbook - Strategy

DEI Agency Playbook is a strategy service that supports the data collection and analysis of diversity, equity and inclusion within systems. When it comes to DEI strategis there are no better strategy that honesty. This playbook offers just that, a deep look within our own organization states the intent to face obstacles with clarity. This strategy service is heavily based on data gathering in self identification within teams to identify gaps of representation. Our extensive qualitative data research adds the necessary complexity to each environment. As all of our offerings this strategy is done in partnership with a select group of representatives of the agency and with oversight of leadership.

Series of 6 sessions with possibility of expanding to 8 if requested/needed. The price per monthly (or bi-weekly) session of $3,250.00 includes: Two high level Facilitators (Hourly rate of $250.00). Workshop catered to team, research and design. Weekly update and maintenance of progress between sessions on Visual Aid File accessible to team and stakeholders. Workshop sessions are of 4 hours with two 15 min breaks. Workshop pre-development takes 6h. Selected groups should not exceed 10 participants. We encourage participants of different levels.

(Hotel and flight per session around: $50-100 Hotel. $200-400 flight. + 50-80 Uber from the airport. $300-580) 

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